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Saving money in the winter can start now

Each year, homeowners may look for good ways to save money when dealing with each season. For instance, "How can we save money this summer?" is a question many don't address until the spring is almost over. However, those who


How can college students save money this fall?

Being a college student isn't cheap these days, especially with more young adults paying for their own education with no financial help from family or friends. As a result, it might be wise for these young people to start doing a little


Save money on back-to-school shopping

As much as parents may be shocked to hear it, summer is almost over. With the calendar now having flipped to August, it's time for many Americans to get their back-to-school shopping done before their kids have to head to class once again.


Consumers should avoid overspending on sales

When people are trying to save money, they start becoming increasingly vigilant about identifying sales on items or in stores that they like. And while this is often a good way to trim a family budget, it must be approached with caution; that


Energy audits can save a lot of money

Over the course of a year, people may spend more than they'd like on both heat and air conditioning, and are therefore often on the lookout for ways to reduce those costs. And while there are often many good tips available for doing so


Save money on back-to-school

While it's only mid-July, it might not be a bad idea for people across the country to start thinking about the ways in which they're going to approach their back-to-school shopping efforts. Most people don't get started with


Saving money on summer fun

Every summer, millions of Americans look for ways to stay cool and happy during the hot summer months, and that's going to be the case once again this year. But having fun at this time of year can get expensive in a hurry, and therefore


Families can save money on food this summer

With summer finally here, millions of families across the country face something of a dilemma. With the kids home from school, feeding them might have gotten a little more expensive. School lunches are often subsidized - or even free in some


Few consumers have emergency savings in place

A greater emphasis on financial responsibility has certainly been on the minds of millions of Americans since the economic downturn hit. But while many have made serious strides, it seems that a large number are still struggling to get their


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