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Obama, Elkhart and credit scores in America today

Shortly after President Obama first took office, he had a decision to make. Actually, he had many, many decisions to make, but this one stood out: Which American city should he visit first? While such a visit wasn't likely to have much


The cost of going to the ballpark

June is here, and baseball season is in full swing. What better way to spend a warm summer evening than with a trip to the ballpark? There's just one little problem here: Baseball tickets are getting more expensive every year, and


A spring cleaning checklist for your credit score

It's that time of year again. Time to grab some paper towels, get some Windex, find a broom and start spring cleaning.Or, you could set the vacuum and sponge off to the side and focus on cleaning up something far more important: your payment


Financial Literacy 101: Credit in America today

In our first Financial Literacy 101 blog, we covered credit score basics: What it is, what the scores mean and how they're determined. In this piece, we're going to shift our focus to the country as a whole. If you're curious about


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