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How to save on necessary home purchases

Millions of Americans may live with appliances and other devices in their homes that are getting old and may not work as well as they once did. The reason why they do so is often that they see the price tag for new appliances and may immediately


Can consumers save money on their cell phone bills?

There are many things on which consumers may spend their money in a given month that they feel is absolutely necessary. These days, that includes cell phones and, more often, smartphones. Unfortunately for many Americans, the cost of doing


Many unexpected ways to save money in the new year

Millions of Americans may know that their financial situation is a bit precarious, and want to save money as a result. For many, though, that is far easier said than done, and these people likely feel there are certain financial realities which


How can consumers save money in the new year?

Some of the big New Year's Resolutions that people adopt each year are related to their financial security. Many Americans aim to pay down their debts, save a little bit of money, or both, over the course of each new year. However, while


Being smarter about ordering at restaurants

When financial experts talk about the biggest ways in which consumers spend money they don't have to, it often comes up that people typically do so too much when it comes to dining out. This can indeed be an expensive habit, but it's


Everyday tips for saving money

Millions of Americans are always on the lookout for ways in which they can save money in their everyday lives. As a result many devote a lot of time to seeking out top-notch deals on a number of things they may want to purchase as part of their


Save money this holiday season

Millions of Americans are probably getting pretty close to wrapping up their holiday shopping, but there's more to be done when it comes to saving money. Those who want to cut their costs this holiday season will still have time to do so


Saving money on holiday utilities bills

When the weather turns cold, people are used to paying more for their utilities bills because they're generally turning up the heat and spending more time in their homes. And when the holidays roll around, those bills can shoot up even


Can apps help consumers save money?

Millions of Americans are always on the lookout for new ways to save money in their everyday lives, and there are plenty of companies that want to help them do that. From those that run websites designed to help people find deals online to


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