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Buying a new car with bad credit

Buying a new car is tough if your credit score is poor by traditional standards, but there are ways around this that are less risky than you think.Much attention has fallen on auto loan providers recently. Six years after the financial crisis


How to build credit fast without a mortgage or a car

A mortgage is a powerful tool for building credit, but not everyone owns a home. Another path to a solid credit score is a car loan, however, not everyone drives. So how do renters without cars achieve respectable credit scores?There are a


2 simple ways to cut your heating bill

November is here, and for most regions within the U.S., 'tis the season for sharply dropping temperatures and turkey. This is also the time of year when way too much money is spent on heating when it isn't necessary.This year, you


Why are credit cards being avoided?

The majority of young people avoid credit cards, and there are some good reasons why.A survey commissioned by Bankrate and compiled by Princeton Survey Research Associates International found that 63 percent of millennials don't have


Frugal shopping for the holiday season

Halloween is around the corner, stuffing and cranberry sauce line supermarket shelves and Christmas lights are being untangled nationwide as holiday season swings into full gear. As the holidays approach, one thing is certain: most people


Shoulder season travel bargains

Between peak travel months and annual periods of bad weather lies the bargain traveler's holy grail: the shoulder season. Timing your vacation just right is a great way to save money, avoid huge crowds and find greater access to hotel


3 alternative ways to build credit

These days it's tough to get approved for a credit card - not that many young people want one anyway - so how will people build credit in the future?There are a number of ways that you can build credit without taking out a huge mortgage


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