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PRBC is building partnerships with financial institutions interested in enhancing their risk management capabilities while expanding their customer base. Contact us to learn more about our financial advisory and credit evaluation tools.

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Do More Good In Your Community

As a financial institution, you play an essential role in the lives of your customers. With PRBC you can more accurately assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers, helping every customer access the appropriate level of credit, and learn how to manage it, so that they can begin building their financial future.

A comprehensive platform that lets you

Evaluate a borrower

Lenders get a more complete picture of an applicants' financial situation with PRBC. Beyond just a single credit score, we use bank-level encryption to incorporate users' account data giving us a daily view of their cash flow and financial habits.

Educate a customer

PRBC puts intuitive, helpful tools in your customers' hands. From an interactive dashboard capturing their income, spending and debts to visualization tools that help them plan for the future. With PRBC your customers will come to understand the expectations around borrowing and learn how to best manage their money.

Build stronger relationships with people

The topic of credit is intimidating to many people. Our mission is to make it approachable and easier to understand. Through our intuitive tools we give people a clear view of their finances. Combined with planning tools and educational material, PRBC takes the mystery out of credit and creates a common starting point for in-person conversations between people and their financial advisors.

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