Using inexpensive string lights to decorate

If anyone knows how to decorate on a budget, it is college students. Often with very little money to spend, co-eds find a variety of ways to spice up their usually dull living spaces with all kinds of creative visual elements.

One fixture that can be found strung through almost any dormitory or student-owned apartment is Christmas lights. It doesn't really even need to be December to put them up. String lights aren't all that expensive and they can create a warm glow for any room, according to College Fashion. With a multitude of bulb shapes and colors, their's a string of lights for every room.

A variety of string light projects
There are a number of interesting things that you can do with Christmas lights in order to create visually interesting lighting effects in any room. For example, HGTV suggested using lights around your windows. Wrap the string them around the frame If you want to cover up the wiring and soften the glow, simply use some fabric. This will bring attention to the beautiful yard your window leads to. 

Make sure that if you are wrapping lights in fabric, such as for windows, you buy LED bulbs, which produce less heat, Home Tree Atlas wrote. The effect from lighting through the proper fabrics will significantly improve the lighting aesthetics of a room. 

Another wildly inexpensive way to utilize string lights is to create a lamp, according to Design Mom. In order to do this, you will simply need any type of glass jar, a drill and the lighting. Using a drill bit made for glass or tile, carefully drill a hole toward the base of the jar. This will be used to string the lights through so that you can still plug them in. After this it is time to string the lights through, unless you'd like to add some further touches to the glass. The DIY design blog suggested painting the bottom gold.

You can also use Christmas lights in order to add lighting effects to walls and ceilings. Try wrapping them around a bed from or mirror, College Fashion recommended. Hanging them from the ceiling will allow for all sorts of swinging back-and-forth patterns that can create alluring lighting effects for hallways.

For cheap and interesting decorating, try out string lights in order to add soft glows to the rooms in your home. Even if it is just for the Christmas season, string lights can make for a cheap and alluring DIY project. 

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