How to save money on pool maintenance

Pools can be quite the expensive venture, yet they can provide the family with memories all summer long in addition to some much-needed relief from the heat. Maintaining that pool so that it remains consistently usable may seem as though it's just not worth the money at times, but there are ways around the expenses typically associated with pools. 

If the leaves are piling up and the algae is spreading through a cold and potentially chemically noxious pool, then you're probably going to need to shell out a few dollars in order to have a pool worth using. There are ways to do this without breaking the bank too hard though.

1. Keep your finances green, not your pool
Your pool's filter is very important in keeping it clean on a consistent basis, but it is expensive to run constantly. This drain on energy can be controlled however, according to Fox News. A well managed filter schedule will keep your pool clean and your wallet a little bit heftier due to some energy savings. 

One thing you can do to mitigate the financial hit of your filter is to buy one with slightly less horsepower. Sure it won't operate as powerfully, but it also won't drain your bank account as speedily. Also, you can keep track of when the filter is running and put it on a schedule. With the help of a timer, or a reminder on your phone, you can turn off the filter enough to cut costs yet not so much that debris begins to build up. 

2. Try using a solar cover
Keeping the filter running is without a doubt costly, but also expensive is making sure that the pool water stays heated. Instead of keeping your heater on all of the time in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in your pool, try purchasing a solar cover, Maddy's Pool Supply and Service recommended. 

Solar covers, like pool blankets, heat your pool's water through solar absorption. This way your pool is heated through a one time purchase instead of a recurring bill based upon the constant running of an expensive device meant to keep the water warm. They also can reduce the amount of water evaporated from your pool. Additionally, with a solar cover chemicals become less important - you can decrease the amount you use by 60 percent, writes Maddy's Pool Supply and Service. 

3. Keep your stabilizer stable
Stabilizer, or cyanuric acid, is extremely important in keeping chlorine levels where they should be, according to Maddy's Pool Supply and Service. If your stabilizer is off, then so too will your chlorine levels. This means that you will end up spending more than you have to on chlorine. If you have too much stabilizer in the water, the effectiveness of the chlorine is downplayed and you will need to purchase more. Too little stabilizer in the water and the sun while reduce the potency of the chlorine and again, you will have to buy more. Keeping track of your stabilizer in addition to your chlorine levels will help you save money on chemicals over time. 

4. Never overdo it when it comes to your pool
Whether it's chemicals or water levels or temperature, never overdo it, because in the long run that will only result in more maintenance and consequently, more costs. As mentioned above, if chemicals aren't balanced properly then they may not be as effective, which will make your pool less safe for swimming. Also be sure to keep track of your pool's temperature - around 78 degrees is the right temperature for swimming, according to Maddy's Pool Supply and Service. 

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