Healthy living can actually save money

Millions of Americans strive to be healthy in their financial habits so that they can save money and give themselves a little more flexibility when it comes to saving or paying down debt. But what they might not realize is a secret many cost-conscious consumers have found: One way in which people can be financially healthy is by striving to be physically healthy.

One of the reasons for this is that unhealthy things Americans might indulge - smoking, overeating unhealthy snacks, etc. - can be quite expensive, and thus cutting them out of one's life can go a long way toward saving a lot of money over the course of a month or a year, according to a report from the Marshfield News Herald. For instance, people who smoke a pack a day may save thousands over the course of the year just by not smoking cigarettes. However, they may also be able to avoid significant medical costs down the road, which can cost them even more than that.

For the same reason, it's often a good idea to eat less food, the report said. Smaller portions not only help people lose weight and keep it off, but it also, obviously, saves money, the report said. In addition, this can also help to save money on gym memberships also aimed at reducing weight - especially if, like many people, the saver in question isn't as diligent about actually going to work out as they should be.

Other healthy methods
Another thing many experts recommend, and which can also be tied to weight gain, is that people rely too much on sugary beverages and don't drink enough water, the report said. The fact is that sodas, sports drinks, and energy drinks all cost a lot per ounce, and while bottled water is often comparable in this regard, tap water very much isn't. For that reason, people who drink it avoid the unhealthy sugar, keep themselves hydrated throughout the day. Over the course of a year, not paying for just one soda every day could save hundreds of dollars.

But, once that money is saved, it becomes a matter of what people do with it. If they can use it to build themselves a more solid financial foundation through diligent saving, or improve their current situation by slashing outstanding debts - especially those on credit cards - they might be able to see a significant benefit even beyond being healthier.

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