Commuters can save plenty of money

Millions of Americans are spending a lot of time worrying about their finances even now, years after the recession supposedly ended. The good news for those people is that there are plenty of money-saving tips that can have a huge impact on their personal budgets every day, and add up very quickly over the course of a week, a month, or even a year.

When people have to drive a long way to and from work every day, the costs can add up pretty quickly, according to a report from the Muncie Voice. Between gas and auto maintenance costs alone, people likely spend thousands of dollars annually just to drive to and from their jobs, and that's before factoring in tolls, parking costs, and whatever other expenses they might incur along the way. Fortunately, a few simple tips can go a long way to saving people significant sums of money.

What can be done?
One thing that many people may have access to but don't rely upon as much as they probably should, is public transportation, the report said. The price of a bus, train, or subway ticket is often much smaller than what it costs in gas and other expenses to drive to the office every day.

When considering these kinds of options, it might also be at least somewhat wise to think about the benefits of carpooling, the report said. If a person knows that several of their coworkers live somewhat on the way to the office, picking them up - and asking for a little cash to cover expenses in return - could help everyone in the group save money over the long haul. It might also be wise for workers to ask their bosses if they can alter their schedules a little bit so they don't have to fight traffic in the mornings and after work. Sitting in traffic wastes an awful lot of gas over the course of the year, but coming in and going an hour later than everyone else might help them save overall as well.

Of course, these tips may not be universally applicable to every worker's needs, given their personal situations, and therefore thinking a little bit outside the box could help them to come up with a number of ways that they can cut their costs for not only their commutes, but other aspects of their lives.

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