Can consumers save money on moving costs?

Every year, millions of Americans may have to move, and it's not always an affordable prospect. Fortunately, for those who are worried about the costs there may be a number of ways to keep them down as much as possible, and that could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Moving costs can run in the thousands of dollars, but there are a few simple steps that can help make them easier to bear or reduce them altogether, according to U.S. News and World Report. Perhaps the most helpful of these is to start selling furniture and other things that the family may not have need for in their home; that includes couches, books, and so on. This not only serves to reduce the amount of packing work and costs of paying for the move, but also puts more money in their pockets to help cover some of the leftover costs.

In addition, one of the big expenses many people face when they move is related to the cost of buying packing materials like tape, boxes, and padding, the report said. But if people can start collecting boxes and old newspapers, or other things along those lines, they're likely to significantly reduce the amount they have to pay.

What about movers?
Of course, moving can get really expensive when people have to hire a moving company to deal with the heavy lifting, the report said. While this is sometimes unavoidable, doing as much work on one's own as possible before the pros arrive could go a long way toward saving money. If everything is packed and ready to go when they arrive, or even out by the curb, the added cost these companies bring could be significantly reduced. That should also include taking the time to properly label everything, because even directing traffic once families get to their new house or apartment could end up slowing things down, and adding significantly to your hourly costs.

Consumers who are trying reduce their costs for various things in their life might want to consider the benefits of applying those leftover funds toward improving their overall financial positions. For instance, if they can use the money they saved on moving to pay down their outstanding debts or increase their savings, that might be of a significant benefit in the long run.

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