Short Term Loans Ease Stress on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day presents a perfect storm of financial pitfalls for those who realize, a little ahead of time, that the big day of days for romance occurs precisely one day ahead of payday for the average American household. That means it’s one day you must plan ahead for – to make sure there’s plenty of money left to make the day spectacular for that special someone. Or you could end up paying several years for your one romantic evening.

Far too often, the day results in some unpleasant sacrifices to pull off. Like going without lunch for a week, carpooling, or praying the gas gauge doesn’t give out until your check clears on the 15th. There is a better way that will save sanity and spare you years’ worth of interest payments on a high-interest rate credit card.

How Can Short Term Loans Help?

Few people consider the benefit of short term loans for one-time expenses. They simply put them on their credit cards (if they have them), grit their teeth, and pay the price. It doesn’t have to be that way though. There are actually a few benefits when it comes to securing short term loans worth considering.

Unlike revolving credit, like you see on credit cards, these loans are quickly paid off. That helps improve your credit score when you make all the payments on time and the account is paid in full. It doesn’t provide the long-term boost to the length of open accounts that credit cards provide after several years of use. It does, however, offer an account in good standing on your credit report.

Short term loans also offer lower interest rates, in most cases, than credit cards. At the very least, the shorter term means you’ll ultimately pay less over the life of your loan.

Your special Valentine is worth a little extra special treatment on this day of days. Plus, there are many expectations that include things like gifts, flowers, chocolate, and dinner. It can add up fast. Don’t let the current love of your life down when there is such an easy fix available. Consider a short term loan so you don’t need to stress over Valentine’s Day this year, or in future years.

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