2 tips for saving in the fall

Cool weather and earth-toned leaves will be visiting much of the country in the coming months. As this happens, homeowners will be making plenty of changes in order to adjust to the transition and ensure their homes are running as efficiently as possible. As autumn sets in there are plenty of chores that can both kill time and save money. Both inside and outside of the house there will be plenty of ways to make sure you spend smartly so that the green doesn't leave your wallet as it disappears from the trees.  Below are a couple ways to save money this fall, whether your at home or out and about.

1.) Keep your home airtight this fall
The air leaks that homes inevitably succumb to are responsible for a lot of heat loss during the winter. Caulking the cracks and gaps that lead heat to escape during the colder months is not just a great way to make your home more comfortable, it will save money as well, Home Depot explained. The home improvement store listed several different kinds of caulk on its website:

  1. Latex caulk is easy to use and cheap. Plus you can paint over it. Home Depot recommends using this sort of caulk for doors. 
  2. You can also try silicone caulk. It is more flexible, stronger and more adhesive and can work for doors or windows. This caulk is good for areas exposed to sunlight or moisture, but it cannot be painted over. 
  3. Polyurethane caulk is very adhesive and durable as well. It is made to stick to damp, and works great for the exterior jobs. The downside with polyurethane is that it can be tough to handle. 
  4. Finally, you can look into hybrid caulks as well. These will borrow qualities from all - durability, compatibility with damp ares and a surface that can be painted. 

2. Look for seasonal sales
The fall is a great time to begin accumulating your summer gear, according to My Dollar Plan. Whether it is clothes, furniture or anything else that comes in handy during the summer, these things will likely be put on sale within the coming weeks - or they may be discounted already. Sunscreen, swimming gear, grills, patio furniture, sun glasses and more will likely feature some pretty friendly price tags soon. 

Of course, don't purchase these items just because they're on sale, My Dollar Plan noted. Buy products that you will need come next June, and don't look into more than you can afford. And when you do get the things you need, remember to store them somewhere safe that you will remember. While you're shopping you might want to even look into holiday planning. If you have a beach bum in the house, combine seasonal savings and holiday shopping, and you may be able to get a great deal on a new surfboard ahead of summer. 

Keep these two tips in mind in order to save money both inside and outside the house this fall. 

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